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DRWF Research Funding

In search of a cure...

Put simply, it is our ultimate goal to discover a cure for diabetes. We know that this is a long road but we are intent on maximising the potential by funding the highest quality clinical and scientific research at the very best research institutions in the UK and around the world.

You can learn more about our research programme and the work we have funded here.

For researchers

Our research programme is designed to support bright young researchers, as well as established institutions, as they strive to make the kind of life-changing break-through our diabetes community is hoping for.

Researchers seeking further information on our currently available grants, can view details of all application requirements on this site, using the links provided. Further questions should be directed to the research department by email at: research@drwf.org.uk.

Our first research award was made in 1999 for a small equipment grant and since that time, we have committed more than £12 million to diabetes research in the UK and as part of the International Diabetes Wellness Network, around the world.

We exist almost entirely on voluntary income via individual donations, legacies, trusts and grants and so it is a wonderful testament to the continued commitment of our supporters, that we have been able to contribute to the better understanding of diabetes, improved treatments and management strategies, and enable work that moves ever closer to finding a cure.

Here, some of our research funding recipients give a little insight into how important research funding, such as our 3-year Fellowships and 1-year Pump Priming awards can make a huge difference to people living with all types of diabetes.

We asked people with diabetes at the Diabetes Wellness Day South why they thought research was important:


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