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DRWF gain quality assurance for diabetes information

DRWF has been awarded the 'Information Standard' accreditation, developed by the Department of Health, which certifies its diabetes information as being trustworthy and reliable for people with diabetes.

The Information Standard scheme was developed to help the public easily identify trustworthy health and social care information.

At the heart of the scheme is the Standard itself, a set of criteria that defines good quality health or social care information and the methods needed to produce it. To achieve the Standard, organisations have to show that their processes and systems produce information which is accurate, impartial, balanced, evidence-based, accessible and well-written.

A survey conducted by The Information Standard scheme has revealed that almost half (45%) of respondents usually trust the health information they read online or in a leaflet, with more than one in four (29%) failing to check the information is from a trustworthy source. As a result, 30 per cent of respondents have visited their doctors, panicked by something they’ve read online or in a leaflet, with 27 per cent convinced they had an illness or condition after reading health information.

The Department of Health TNS omnibus survey conducted in March 2007 revealed that the quality of that information varies greatly, making it difficult for the public to know what, or who, to trust. Figures revealed that 77% of people have looked up some form of health or social care information in the past 12 months and 75% find it hard to work out whether information is trustworthy or not.

Sarah Bone, Chief Executive DRWF says, "One of our main charitable activities is the provision of information to enable informed decision making. It’s important that the people we provide information and support to are confident that our literature and advice is reliable and trustworthy. Having undergone a rigorous auditing process, we are proud to have achieved accreditation and see it as "mark" of our commitment to the people we support".

An organisation displaying the Information Standard quality mark has undergone a rigorous certification process to prove that they provide quality, evidence-based health and social care information.

The Information Standard quality mark will now appear on the DRWF monthly newsletter, the Diabetes Wellness News and on the series of DRWF diabetes information leaflets so that recipients can be assured that they are a reliable source of healthcare information.

DRWF joins a growing list of leading organisations who are 'raising the standard' of health and social care information. For more information on the Information Standard please click here.


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