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Blood test strips 25% price drop to make care more accessible for people with diabetes

Blood test strips 25% price drop to make care more accessible for people with diabetes

Reduced price in recognition of financial pressure faced by NHS in treating diabetes.

Published: Feb 22, 2019
Category: Looking after yourself

The manufacturers of a blood glucose test strip have announced a 25% price drop for the product to help improve accessibility for people with diabetes, to support good self-management of the condition.

Roche Diabetes Care has announced that the price of Accu-Chek Performa Nano blood glucose test strips will be reduced from £9.95 to £7.50 on the NHS Drug Tariff.

This price reduction will make it easier for the NHS to offer people with diabetes the test strips and recognises the increasing financial pressures faced by the NHS.

NHS England will conclude its consultation on whether Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) should restrict the prescription of blood glucose testing strips for people with type 2 diabetes on 28th February.

Debbie Graham, Head of Blood Glucose Monitoring at Roche said: “Many people living with diabetes are concerned that the NHS England consultation could result in restricted choice of testing strips. We also recognise the significant burden of diabetes on NHS resources and hope that reducing the price for Accu-Chek Performa Nano test strips creates savings that can unlock investments into technologies that support enhanced self-management of all diabetes types.  This can ultimately reduce the impact and cost of diabetes-related complications.

“When deciding on which blood glucose testing strips to make available in the local health economy, best practice is for decision makers to work with both clinicians and people with diabetes to define the sub-groups of patients who will benefit from the additional features available in some devices.”

Treatment of 4.6 million people with diabetes in the UK accounts for around 10% of the entire NHS budget – equivalent to £10 billion per year.

There are an estimated 700 new diagnoses of the condition every day and the cost of treating the complications of diabetes accounts for 80% of the annual budget for diabetes.

It is estimated that one in four people living with diabetes currently face restrictions in obtaining testing strips.

In addition, people who regularly test their blood glucose levels using the strips often find there is a limit to the number of test strips available on prescription, whilst many people with type 2 diabetes are unable to access strips for blood glucose monitoring or to self-pay.

Category: Looking after yourself

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