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Diabetes Professional Care – How can your specialist diabetes care team see what they need to provide high quality care?

Diabetes Professional Care – How can your specialist diabetes care team see what they need to provide high quality care?

Presentation from Hicom on adoption of technology across the NHS to provide better care for people living with diabetes.

Published: Nov 13, 2020
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Diabetes Professional Care 2020 is underway as a virtual event for the first time.

With staging a physical event not possible due to the current Covid-19 measures, the organisers of Diabetes Professional Care (DPC2020) developed a unique virtual conference offering for healthcare professionals.

The event is being held online from 11th-13th November providing free education to thousands of healthcare professionals working in diabetes.

One of the opening presentations was an introduction to Diamond, the integrated diabetes patient management solution from Hicom.

Jon Elburn, Product Manager, Hicom, said: “The adoption of technology across numerous sectors within the NHS is still behind where it needs to be in order to help improve patient outcomes and reduce variation in care. Many trusts are now discovering how innovative information systems can help them provide high quality care for patients with long-term conditions. For example, the application of technology within diabetes care – described in 2019 as the ‘greatest health crisis facing our nation’ – could be one of the most important advances in modern times. However, success may depend on taking a specialist approach.

As the prevalence of diabetes continues to grow, trusts will undoubtedly need to optimise technology if they are to prevent the disease from becoming ‘the greatest health crisis facing our nation’. The need to maintain routine healthcare services never stops, and people living with diabetes need the best possible care for the long term. To deliver it, trusts – indeed whole care systems – must empower their teams with the best information and the best tools to ensure the right care is given to the right patient at the right time. Technology is the gateway to clinical empowerment and better patient care. But to make the most of it in the management of long-term health conditions, it makes sense to deploy specialist solutions that give clinical teams the visibility they need.”

Find out more about Hicom’s Diamond system – a comprehensive diabetes data management system for better diabetes care here

Stephanie Tarpey, Clinical Systems Team Manager at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “The efficiencies that come from having full digital visibility of patient data in one interface has been invaluable. With Diamond, we have seen significant time savings and a vast increase in data accuracy. Data can be viewed electronically from primary care centres as well as within the hospital environment, negating the need for clinicians to transport cumbersome case files around with them and allowing for broader patient information to be recorded.

“During the handover period, patient information needs to flow because the condition of the patient doesn’t change just because of their age, they still have diabetes and all of their data is still crucial to their care. Diamond provides the ability to pull across the full history of the patient’s data from their paediatric record automatically, giving clinicians the reassurance that they have the right information and the patient peace of mind that they don’t have to start from scratch and repeat themselves, which increases the chances of key information being missed.

“The solution has helped the Trust to standardise processes through an intuitive and user-friendly system, significantly reducing the quantity of manual data input and admin workload for clinicians. Critically, even for such a large technology deployment, the collaborative relationship we have formed between our teams, departments and Hicom has meant that the entire Trust is reaping the benefits of the system in being able to deliver improved patient care.”

DPC 2020 is supported by DRWF as registration sponsors. Diabetes Professional Care which provides CPD-accredited education to diabetes and related healthcare professionals.

Maggie Meer, DPC founder, said: “As today is the last day of DPC2020 Virtual, we wanted to say a special thank you to our Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers and Partners, without whom, we could not have brought you the DPC event this year.

“We are proud to count amongst our sponsors and exhibitors, the providers of some of the most innovative and life-changing treatments, technologies and services for people living with diabetes and its related conditions. It is crucial that, as healthcare professionals, you use this opportunity to better understand what these treatments and services are so that you can improve the outcomes of people living with diabetes.”

For more information about Diabetes Professional Care and to register your place visit here
Join the conversation and share your experience on social media using the official hashtag: #DPC2020 @diabetespc

DPC and DRWF are also really excited to have teamed up to run a patient education and information virtual event on World Diabetes Day - Saturday, 14th November, which healthcare professionals are also welcome to attend.

United Through Diabetes

As DRWF prepares to co-host our first virtual event online Hicom are one of our media partners who are helping to spread the word in support of the event.

Read the event announcement United Through Diabetes – Join DRWF and DPC this World Diabetes Day

DRWF has partnered with the organisers of Diabetes Professional Care (DPC2020), the UK’s leading national diabetes annual event for healthcare professionals, to provide an innovative virtual conference and exhibition venue to be launched next month.

The new first-of-its-kind event is entitled United Through Diabetes and will be held on World Diabetes Day – Saturday, 14th November from 9.30am to 5pm.

Registration for the event is open now here
Read the event announcement United Through Diabetes – Join DRWF and DPC this World Diabetes Day

View the programme online here
Support DRWF by making a donation here
Find out more about DRWF-funded research here
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DRWF operations during the Covid-19 health crisis

The DRWF team is now working remotely. Covid-19 guidance, particularly where it aligns or impacts with diabetes guidance, is shared as quickly as possible through the DRWF website and social media channels with the aim of making it as easy to understand as possible and a reliable source of latest news.

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