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Diabetes Wellness Family Camp 2020

Diabetes Wellness Family Camp 2020

DRWF is once again teaming up with Over The Wall to host a two-night residential activity camp for families of children living with type 1 diabetes.

Published: Oct 04, 2019
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DRWF funded the first Diabetes Wellness Family camp in partnership with Over The Wall, specifically for families with children with type 1 diabetes aged from birth to 17.

The event follows the first weekend camp held at Liddington PGL in Wiltshire this summer and was attended by 21 families and 77 individual campers. Allan Jolly, Head of Partnerships and Evaluation at Over The Wall, on the first Diabetes Wellness Family Camp, said: “Overall the camp was extremely successful and there was universal appreciation and praise from parents and campers.

“We were delighted to announce this exciting partnership with DRWF, a diabetes charity with aims that match our vision that all children and young people, living with the challenges of serious illness and disability, can access transformational therapeutic recreation camp programmes, free of charge.

“We strive to make each camp a memorable, fun and empowering experience. All in a physically and medically safe environment.”


The camp was a welcome addition to DRWF’s existing award-winning diabetes wellness event programme. The charity received the Judges' Special Award and Highly Commended in the Empowering People with Diabetes category, at the annual Quality in Care Diabetes Awards in 2017.

Sarah Tutton, DRWF Chief Executive, said: “We have demonstrated the beneficial outcomes for people living with diabetes to attend one of our educational events and we are delighted to launch this new partnership with Over The Wall to offer a new event for families with children living with type 1 diabetes.

“The weekend allowed some respite for parents and siblings, as Over The Wall has full time staff, and volunteers running all the activities the camp has to offer. So, parents, guardians and siblings could relax and enjoy their weekend knowing the children and young people were all looked after.  It also allowed friendships to develop between families who often feel isolated which we know last long after the event.”

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More information about the Diabetes Wellness Family Camp 2020 on the Over The Wall website

Feedback from parents from the first Diabetes Wellness Family Camp included:

“Wow. What an amazing weekend. Four happy campers. Thank you for all the hard work. The team were brilliant.”

“I can’t remember the last time I had kicked back and relaxed with my children as a family since our son was diagnosed with diabetes.  We are grateful to both charities for giving us the opportunity and recognising the condition.”

"We came away feeling refreshed. We made special memories.  We bonded as a family. We felt inspired by the volunteers.  We felt like we need to do this more often and felt lucky to have got a place on the camp.”

"You were all amazing, very approachable and friendly. We have come away feeling that we are not alone and knowing we have support and where to find information for support services.”

“We have just returned from our first family camp, what an amazing experience! Such a positive vibe, so well organised and serious fun! We met wonderful campers and volunteers alongside the team itself.  Fantastic memories made.!”

"It was the most emotional, amazing, adventurous and fun weekend ever. We have left with wonderful memories of achievements, friendships and emotional experience which has totally blown me away. Thank you so much.”

Read a report from the 2019 Diabetes Wellness Family Camp in the October issue of DRWF’s monthly newsletter Diabetes Wellness News. Subscribe here
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