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DRWF contribute to largest ever report on health research funding

DRWF contribute to largest ever report on health research funding

The UK Health Research Analysis 2018 report has been published today to provide an analysis of spending across all areas of health research.

Published: Jan 28, 2020
Category: Research

DRWF is one of 91 Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) members to have contributed in the new UK Health Research Analysis 2018 report.

The report, published today (28th January), helps us to understand how DRWF fits into the wider landscape and identify new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

The report is the most comprehensive analysis of UK health research funding ever compiled. It brings together figures from 146 charity, professional and public sector organisations.

The UK Health Research Analysis 2018 report found that in 2018 these funders contributed £4.8 billion to support research to improve people’s health.

The report also brings funding information together to create a clearer picture of the UK’s health and medical research.

In addition to the £4.8 billion of public and charity funding detailed in this report for 2018, the authors provided estimates for the total expenditure on health research in the UK.

Estimates for expenditure in the pharmaceutical sector (£4.3 billion in 2017, continuing the recent recovery following the economic crisis of 2008), brought the estimated total for UK health research to £8.67 billion.

The report found that AMRC charities, of which DRWF is a member, provide the largest proportion of public funding for multiple stages of the research process.

AMRC charities also account for the highest percentage of research spend in key health areas compared to other public funders.

Eva Garritsen, Data and Impact Officer at AMRC, said: “Thanks to DRWF and the 90 other member charities that chose to participate in this collaborative analysis, we have the most accurate representation of charity sector support in this report series to date.”

The report is a collaborative effort led by the Medical Research Council, on behalf of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) and is the most comprehensive overview of public, charity and private sector health research funding in the UK.

AMRC infographic based on the report findings to highlight how AMRC charities play a unique role in UK health research 

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Read the UK Health Research Analysis 2018 report
Category: Research

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