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DRWF Fundraising: Watch Jacqui and Maria’s story about running 10km for the charity

DRWF Fundraising: Watch Jacqui and Maria’s story about running 10km for the charity

Video shows how runners with diabetes prepared for their challenge.

Published: Aug 16, 2017
Category: Get involved

In 2016 DRWF and Diabetes Wellness Sverige (our sister group in Sweden) each followed one of their supporters taking part in a 10km run.

In the UK this is the Vitality London 10K and in Sweden it’s the Blodomloppet in Stockholm.

Jacqui Dodd lives in East Yorkshire and Maria Johansson in Pargas, Finland. Both ladies live with type 1 diabetes and have found that exercise is an important part of their lives helping them to manage their condition.

Maria, 32, was diagnosed in 1992 aged nine and started running four years ago. She became more serious about running in 2015 and ran her first half marathon.

Jacqui, 50, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes originally in 2002, but this was changed to a type 1 diagnosis two years later.

Jacqui raised £1,000 for DRWF with her husband Sam who also ran in the race.

The Blodomloppet run is not a fundraiser but it aims to raise awareness and recruit blood donors – the name of the race translates as the “blood marathon”.

Maria said: “Running and regular exercise has made a huge difference to my diabetes control, I started running four years ago, but started taking it more seriously a couple of years ago and I have experienced a huge improvement in my general well-being and my blood sugar control. I know that keeping fit will improve my long term prognosis and help me to avoid diabetes complications.”

Jacqui said: “It takes a bit more organising to run with type 1 diabetes but I have definitely seen that regular exercise has a beneficial effect. I have learned so much in the last few years and have a greater understanding of my diabetes control. Everyone is different and it really pays to improve your self-management skills so you control your diabetes and not the other way round.”

To take part in the 2018 Vitality London 10K please email for more information.

Diabetes Wellness Sverige has information about running in the Blodomloppet, contact DWS via their website

Watch the video here:

Pictured above: Maria at the Blodomloppet in Stockholm (left) and Jacqui and Sam following their London 10K
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