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New blood glucose meter available for people with type 2 diabetes

New blood glucose meter available for people with type 2 diabetes

Device for people with the condition to help manage blood sugar levels.

Published: Jun 17, 2020
Category: Looking after yourself

A new device to assist people with type 2 diabetes in managing the condition is now available.

Produced by AgaMatrix, the Jazz DoseCoach is the first of it’s kind to offer basal insulin advise with an integrated blood glucose meter.

The device is designed for people with type 2 diabetes on once daily basal insulin only.

Manufacturers of the device hope it could help tens of thousands of people living with the condition who struggle with the complexities of basal insulin management and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

The device provides an individualised, suggested basal insulin dose through a feature called Dose Helper.

Once a diabetes healthcare professional has set the starting dose, the Dose Helper suggests gradual adjustments (every three days) to the patient’s daily insulin dose until their fasting blood glucose readings are within their target range.

These dose adjustments are calculated using the patient’s most recent fasting blood glucose readings and insulin doses. 

Diabetes healthcare professionals recommending the device will be able to offer one of three treatment plans that use well-accepted titration algorithms, with built in safety and verification functions.

Clinical tests found the device was proven to reduce HbA1c levels.

The Jazz DoseCoach by AgaMatrix

Alec Winton, General Manager at AgaMatrix Europe Ltd, said: “The imminent launch of Jazz DoseCoach in the year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary is testament to our continued dedication to innovation, whilst at the same time, saving the NHS money. 

“The device is designed to assist healthcare professionals in the day-to-day management of their patients. The benefits to patients and savings potential to the NHS of using the device are significant.  Patients who optimise their insulin titration and achieve better blood glucose control will experience fewer long-term complications.” 

For more information about the device contact AgaMatrix by calling 0800 093 1812 or emailing 
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Category: Looking after yourself

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