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Survey to provide a voice for diabetes nurses

Survey to provide a voice for diabetes nurses

Healthcare professionals working in diabetes asked for their thoughts on prescribing practice in nursing the condition.

Published: Oct 14, 2020
Category: Healthcare Professionals

Nurses who provide “the backbone of the NHS” are being asked to have their say on prescribing practice within diabetes nursing as part of a nationwide survey.

The survey was launched by Trend Diabetes – a working group of diabetes nurses that supports all nurses working in diabetes care.

The survey covers prescribing and asks whether nurses treating those with diabetes use Trend Diabetes’ resources. It also asks healthcare professionals working in diabetes about their confidence within their practice when caring for people with chronic kidney disease.

The 2020 Trend Diabetes survey follows on from the England-wide 2019 Diabetes Specialist Nurse Audit, which found there were 1,872 nurses dedicated to diabetes care, with 1,831 at Band 5 or over (registered nurses).

Trend Diabetes Co-Chairs June James and Debbie Hicks

June James, Co-Chair of Trend Diabetes, said: “Nurses play a critical role in the care of people with diabetes. Not only do they have an understanding of complex diabetes problems, but they very often support people with the condition emotionally too.

“Our surveys are pivotal in gaining an understanding of how nurses across the country feel about the state of their profession when it comes to diabetes care and once we’ve collected the findings we can start to analyse where things might need to change or improve.

Debbie Hicks, Co-Chair of Trend Diabetes, added: “We know through our work with nurses up and down the country that the people in these roles have a voice and want to use it. They are, after all, the backbone of the NHS and at the heart of diabetes care, so what better way than to launch a dedicated survey asking nurses about their prescribing practices and confidence relating to this. Change can only be implemented once where we know where it’s needed.”

The findings of the survey were set to be unveiled at Trend Diabetes’ first virtual National Conference earlier this month.

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Category: Healthcare Professionals

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