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Women and diabetes – theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day

Women and diabetes – theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day

Accessible and equal care focus of this year’s global diabetes awareness event.

Published: Jun 21, 2017
Category: Diabetes

The annual World Diabetes Day, led by International Diabetes Federation, has announced the theme for this year’s event – Women and Diabetes.

The event, held each year on 14th November, will this year promote the importance of affordable and equitable access for all women at risk of developing, or living with diabetes to essential diabetes medicines and technologies, self-management education and information.

The event will also focus on meeting the best outcomes for people with diabetes, while also looking to prevent future cases of type 2 diabetes.

The slogan for this year’s World Diabetes Day is “Our right to a healthy future”.

There are currently more than 199 million women living with diabetes worldwide and this total is estimated to increase to 313 million by 2040.

Diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women globally, with 2.1 million deaths each year.

The campaign will highlight a number of issues that can affect women with diabetes around the world.

In many developing countries, as a result of socioeconomic conditions, girls and women with diabetes experience barriers in accessing cost-effective diabetes prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Two out of every five women with diabetes are of reproductive age, accounting for more than 60 million women worldwide. Women with diabetes have more difficulty conceiving and may have an increased chance of having complications during their pregnancy.

Approximately one in seven births is affected by gestational diabetes, a severe and neglected threat to maternal and child health. A significant number of women with gestational diabetes also go on to develop type 2 diabetes resulting in further healthcare complications and costs.

This year’s World Diabetes Day hopes to influence the adoption of healthy lifestyles to improve the health and well-being of women with diabetes and those around them and future generations.

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Category: Diabetes

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