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  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 8

    In this edition we’re talking cycling, fitness and fundraising, plus an update on COVID-19.

    Cameron Muir talks about living with type 1 diabetes and the challenge he’s taking on later this summer.

    Scotsman Cameron works in London and is planning to cycle all the way back to his family home in

    Edinburgh at the end of August.

    We hear about the work of The John Pounds Centre in Portsmouth and the support they provide to

    people living with diabetes.

    We hear the latest insights on this from Professor Kamlesh Khunti on why the Black, Asian

    and Minority Ethnic communities appear to have been so badly affected by COVID-19.

    Plus, we hear from former Commonwealth Games Road race cyclist Roddy Riddle on how he’s

    managing his Type 1 diabetes and the incredible challenges he has taken on in recent years, the

    Marathon de Sables and the 6633 Ultra, The Toughest, Coldest and Windiest Extreme Ultra Marathon!

  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 7

    In this edition we’re talking to three people living with diabetes

    who are sharing their experiences to help others.

    Professor Pete Alexander is a stress relief expert, based near Seattle.

    Megan Pointing from Southampton has trained two of her three pet

    spaniels to be diabetes alert dogs.

    Plus we hear from Matthew Philips in Manchester who has a long

    family history of Living with Type 2 diabetes.

  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 6

    In this edition we’re looking at the role of exercise in maintaining good health and management of diabetes.

    A marathon runner relates his experience which forms the basis for his new book – Running with Diabetes.

    We discover more about the MY DESMOND online education course for people living with Type 2.

    Life under lockdown with diabetes - we talk to DRWF’s Lee Calladine about his Type 1 management.

    Plus the latest analysis of the way COVID-19 is affecting people with diabetes - Dr Partha Kar explains.

  • Extended Interview with Running with Diabetes author Frank Rogers

    In this extended interview, from Living with Diabetes Podcast 6,

    Marathon Runner Frank Rogers relates his experience which

    forms the basis for his new book – Running with Diabetes.

  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 5

    In this extended edition we look back at the trends of last decade and ahead to the prospects of the 2020s.

    We look at the latest research, at COVID-19 and what it means for those with diabetes,

    and the ongoing challenge of staying well until a cure is found.

  • COVID-19 and Diabetes

    Special interview with Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan

    Chair in Academic Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism,

    University of Hull and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist

    at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

  • DRWF Podcast Pro 1

    Our new Podcast series focusing on healthcare professionals.

    This edition looks at standardised HCP education within diabetes.

  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 4

    In this ‘Staying Well’ special edition We’re looking at the role of exercise and

    an active lifestyle in helping to manage diabetes.

    We’ve been speaking to Patrick Mertes in the United States about the Diabetes Family Connection

    challenge, to climb 50 peaks in 50 days.

    We hear from Dr Eleanor Kennedy on DRWF’s current portfolio of research projects.

    And we’re also speaking to Shivani Misra with insights from her DRWF

    funded research programme: ’My Diabetes’.

  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 3

    In this edition we’ll continue our conversation with volunteer Lynwood Newman

    and hear how his diabetes was affected by his treatment for cancer.  

    Dr Parijat De joins us for our staying well feature on hypos and hypers,

    plus the serious challenges of Ketoacidosis.

    We take a further look at retinopathy, continuing the focus on eyes with the

    Hampshire and Isle of Wight Diabetic Eye Screening Programme 

    We’ll also have insights from the latest DRWF funded ’My Diabetes’ research by Shivani Misra 

  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 2

    In this Bumper Summer Edition we lift the mask on Captain Insulin

    and champion DRWF volunteer … Lynwood Newman…. 

    DRWF’s Lee Calladine explains how vital such volunteers are vital to the work of the charity. 

    Dr Partha Kar talks to us on breaking down barriers between care in hospital and out in the community. 

    Eyes are in focus in this month’s Staying Well feature.

    Plus we hear what happened when British TV presenter Dom Littlewood, who has type 1,

    took on a leg ofa tough global yacht race – setting sail into a stormy Atlantic Ocean… 

  • Living with Diabetes Podcast 1

    In this edition we hear from DRWF CEO Sarah Tutton – introducing the charity and the work we do. 

    Volunteer Lionel Curtis on working with DRWF 

    Diabetologist Dr Myank Pattel on our recent Diabetes Wellness Day South 

    And Feet are in focus in this month’s Staying Well feature with Podiatrist Graham Bowen 

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