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The Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation is honoured to accept any donations given in memory of a loved one.

There are many options available for you to make your donation:

  • Creating a Much Loved Tribute page (see below)
  • Give a donation in memory using the green button below
  • Leaving a Legacy, a ‘gift of hope’ in your will
  • Make a donation over the phone with your card by calling DRWF on 023 9263 7808
  • Post all cheques and money orders (made out to DRWF) to the office address below
  • Donate directly into the charity bank account (please contact us for the bank details)

Donate in memory

We acknowledge all In Memory donations where possible.

Tribute Funds

Celebrate a loved one’s memory with an online Tribute Fund. Giving in memory of a loved one is a special way of remembering and honouring family and friends. It is a valuable and positive way of celebrating the life of someone special.

  • We have partnered with MuchLoved to bring you these beautiful, personalised tribute pages.
  • It is simple and free to set up, and can be personalised with photos, stories, videos and even music.
  • Tribute funds are a unique way to keep memories alive, while supporting a wonderful cause.
  • Doing something positive to honour a loved one can also bring a little comfort.
  • All donations given in memoriam to DRWF, will help fund vital research into finding a cure for diabetes and to brighten the future for those living with diabetes.
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MuchLoved is a registered bereavement charity who enable people to create a special tribute site for someone they love, to help with grief.

The service is completely free to everyone.


Or visit MuchLoved.com

How does it work?

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Karen Scott

In Memory Coordinator

If you have any questions about giving in memory, please get in touch with Karen Scott, our In Memory Coordinator. You can contact her by email karen.scott@drwf.org.uk or by calling the main office number: 023 9263 7808

Where your money goes

At DRWF we aim to support people with diabetes by raising awareness, providing support and funding vital research to ensure everyone living with diabetes is "staying well until a cure is found..."

What we do 

Every year we fund diabetes research in the UK & around the world in order to understand the causes, prevention, treatment and management of the condition. Our ultimate goal is to find a cure.

Our first research award was made in 1999 for a small equipment grant. Since then we have committed more than £12 million to diabetes research in the UK and around the world. 

We raise awareness of all forms of diabetes so that people may take preventative actions and access the right support and guidance. 

We also host events every year to ensure that people take a pro-active approach to wellness and self-care, to reduce the risk of complications and enhance quality of life.

The money we raise helps us get closer to our vision of a world without diabetes. 

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Any gift, large or small, can make a significant difference to our work and will be very much appreciated.

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We are indebted to the charitable trusts and foundations who provide ongoing support.

Funeral Notices

It’s easy to add a funeral notice to your Tribute and provide guests with everything they need.

We acknowledge all In Memory donations where possible.

How We Can Help at DRWF


Each year we run events for people living with diabetes, ranging from educational workshops and wellness events, to fundraising marathons and group skydives. To find out more about our events and how we support people living with diabetes, please visit our Events Page.


Since 1998 we have provided over £12 million of funding for medical research programmes, with the aim of finding a cure for all types of diabetes. In 2004, we made a significant commitment to Islet Cell Research and Transplant, a programme which focuses on the role of islet cells in diabetes. Read more about our commitment to research by visiting our Research Page.


We rely on our amazing donors who raise the funds that help support people living with diabetes across the UK, as well as funding our vital research programmes. There are lots of ways to raise money to support people living with all forms of diabetes, there’s something for everyone! To discover more about fundraising with us, please visit our Fundraising Page