Connecting with the community through business

We are looking for like-minded companies of all sizes to join our corporate partnership programme. Support DRWF and benefit from association with a professionally run charity, working in the UK and internationally to improve people’s lives and ensuring that they are
"staying well until a cure is found..."

Ways to support us

  • Charity of the year

  • Wellness events

  • Sponsoring opportunities

  • Volunteering opportunities / team building

  • Fundraising activities and events

  • Diabetes Wellness Family camp

  • Employee fundraising

  • Research funding

  • Payroll giving

  • Gifts in kind 

  • World Diabetes Day 

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Why support us?

  • Workplace wellbeing

  • Increase employee engagement 

  • Improve your public image

  • Support the 3.8 million people in the UK with diabetes

  • Increase your media coverage

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • New links to the community

  • Brand differentiation - Stand out from competitors

  • Association with our breakthroughs in research

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There are lots of ways to raise money to support
people living with all forms of diabetes.

Bake, Swim, Cycle, Fly ... Do It For DRWF!

Fundraise with us

How We Can Help at DRWF


Each year we run events for people living with diabetes, ranging from educational workshops and wellness events, to fundraising marathons and group skydives. To find out more about our events and how we support people living with diabetes, please visit our Events Page.


Since 1998 we have provided over £12 million of funding for medical research programmes, with the aim of finding a cure for all types of diabetes. In 2004, we made a significant commitment to Islet Cell Research and Transplant, a programme which focuses on the role of islet cells in diabetes. Read more about our commitment to research by visiting our Research Page.


We rely on our amazing donors who raise the funds that help support people living with diabetes across the UK, as well as funding our vital research programmes. There are lots of ways to raise money to support people living with all forms of diabetes, there’s something for everyone! To discover more about fundraising with us, please visit our Fundraising Page