Leaving a ‘gift of hope’ in your will

When making your will, your first thought will be for taking care of family and friends. Following which, you might like to consider leaving a gift to a favoured charity or cause close to your heart, thereby leaving a gift of hope for future generations.

Many charities, that exist on donations and voluntary income, could not survive without the wonderful gifts that are left to them in wills, and DRWF is no exception.

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We are passionate about improving quality of life for people living with all types of diabetes. Our ultimate goal, through our funding of research in the UK and around the world, is to find a CURE.

You may already know of our work; we may have supported you or loved one in some way. Or perhaps you are interested in making a difference to medical research that will change the lives of many. If so, could we ask you to consider leaving a gift in your will to DRWF?

It is a common thought that leaving a gift in your will means committing a high value sum of money. This is not the case. Any gift, large or small, can make a significant difference to our work and will be very much appreciated.

How do I leave a gift to DRWF?

Remembering a charity in your will can be a very easy and tax efficient way of supporting a cause that has been dear to your heart. It is always worth seeking professional help from a solicitor when you are drafting a new will, or updating an existing will, to avoid any potential problems arising for your family.

Your will ensures that your last wishes are met, your loved ones are looked after and that the causes you hold dear can continue to transform lives. A gift in your will is a wonderful way to make a difference for generations to come, a real legacy of hope! There are a number of ways that you can do this:

  • A share of your estate – This can be a percentage or what is left over once loved ones are provided for.

  • A fixed sum of money – You can choose to specify a fixed sum, known as a pecuniary gift.

  • Gift a specific item – You can choose to leave a particular item, such as a piece of jewellery, art or property. This type of gift should be specifically named in your will.
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If you decide that diabetes research is a cause you would like to support through your will, all you need to do is tell your solicitor and provide the charity’s details, which are:

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation Building 6000 Langstone Technology Park Havant Hampshire PO9 1SA Registered charity No: 1070607

We recommend that you contact a reputable solicitor to discuss your Will and legacy plans. If we can help at all, please call Carly Jackson-Smith, our legacy administrator, on 023 92 637608 or email legacies@drwf.org.uk

If you do decide to remember DRWF in your will, please let us know so that we can thank you and keep you updated on our work. Write to the above address, email legacies@drwf.org.uk or telephone 023 9263 7808.

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We really appreciate your support, thank you!

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Each year we run events for people living with diabetes, ranging from educational workshops and wellness events, to fundraising marathons and group skydives. To find out more about our events and how we support people living with diabetes, please visit our Events Page.


Since 1998 we have provided over £12 million of funding for medical research programmes, with the aim of finding a cure for all types of diabetes. In 2004, we made a significant commitment to Islet Cell Research and Transplant, a programme which focuses on the role of islet cells in diabetes. Read more about our commitment to research by visiting our Research Page.


We rely on our amazing donors who raise the funds that help support people living with diabetes across the UK, as well as funding our vital research programmes. There are lots of ways to raise money to support people living with all forms of diabetes, there’s something for everyone! To discover more about fundraising with us, please visit our Fundraising Page