Published on 9 April 2014

A new insulin injection pen has been launched to offer better comfort for people with diabetes.

The Micro-Fine Ultra by BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) has been clinically tested to improve injection comfort and is an update to the current Micro-Fine Pen Needle.

During patient studies conducted by BD, people with diabetes found the new five-bevel pen needles to be less painful, easier to insert and more comfortable, when compared with current three-bevel pen needles.

Studies showed that as many as one-fifth to one-third of people with diabetes are hesitant or unwilling to give themselves insulin injections for reasons that include needle anxiety.

In addition, people who reported injection-related pain or embarrassment were more likely to skip insulin injections.

The BD Micro-Fine Ultra Pen Needle reduces skin penetration force by almost a quarter (23% on average), and is clinically demonstrated to reduce the pain of injection. This may help people with diabetes adhere to an insulin injection regimen and improve outcomes with greater comfort and ease of use.

The needle tip is specially designed with five-beveled edges to create a flatter, thinner surface to penetrate the skin with significantly greater ease, for a smoother and more comfortable injection experience, compared to previous generation three bevel needles. The Pentapoint technology used is available in 4mm pen needles.

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