Published on 2 August 2023

An evaluation of available diabetes-related footcare services is being carried out, with feedback from healthcare professionals.

It is hoped the findings can help to reduce variations in diabetes-related footcare across the country.

The English Diabetes Footcare Network (EDFN) has combined peer review-led questions from England’s clinical networks to formulate a national, comprehensive, online report for both foot protection teams and community/primary care foot services and secondary care.

The results will enable the EDFN to identify common issues which can be addressed to improve footcare services- in England.

Variations In Diabetes Footcare Survey EDFN Peer Review

Respondents working in diabetes-related footcare can give their thoughts on staff skills and knowledge, infrastructure, processes and patients, with multidisciplinary footcare teams (MDFTs) also able to comment on inpatient and outpatient services.

There are two peer review questionnaires available – one for foot protection teams (community/primary care foot services), and one for MDFTs (secondary care services).

Consultant Podiatrist Richard Leigh, EDFN chair, said: “We’re asking people to be as honest as possible in their answers so that the Peer Review can be used positively to make changes and improvements where needed, and help to shape a consistent, high-quality approach to footcare.”

The questions are available to download from the EDFN website so that information can be sourced prior to starting the online data collection and discussed among foot protection services and multidisciplinary footcare teams.

The EDFN was set up, with support from the Royal College of Podiatry, to share best practice and improve consistency of care across the country.

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