Published on 19 September 2023

DRWF diabetes information leaflets: New series of educational resources available

Our latest leaflets on various aspects of living with and managing diabetes to reduce risk of complications are available now.

DRWF is currently in the process of publishing a full set of newly updated and redesigned diabetes information leaflets.

The first leaflets in the new series are published now and available to read online in digital download and audio formats. Printed copies can also be requested by emailing

DRWF diabetes information leaflets form a valuable part of the charity’s information resources available for people living with diabetes to offer the best possible guidance on how to self-manage effectively, as well as manage the associated health complications.

As part of our PIF TICK accreditation process, DRWF is committed to making sure all its information is reliable, evidence-based and accessible, to ensure we are a “trusted information creator”.

The latest leaflets include:

  • What is diabetes? 
  • Looking after gum health and diabetes
  • Foot health and diabetes
  • Exercise and diabetes
  • Sexual health and diabetes for men
  • Sexual health and diabetes for women

More leaflets currently being prepared and under review now to follow soon!

Read DRWF diabetes information leaflets here

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to receive a supply of our information leaflets for distribution to patients please email or call us on 023 9263 6136. Alternatively click here for a leaflet order form to bulk order leaflets.

Find out more about DRWF and the PIF TICK accreditation here

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