Published on 10 March 2022

Here is how you can help – with additional diabetes resources available for people affected by recent events in Ukraine.

Following the news of the Ukraine invasion over recent days, DRWF is doing what we can to provide essential support to people living with diabetes whose lives have been totally disrupted.

DRWF last week organised to deliver a large box of items including diabetes alert bracelets and necklaces, warm clothing and hypo sweets to colleagues working across the Wessex region to co-ordinate the transport of goods to our friends in the border countries of Ukraine.

Sarah Tutton, DRWF Chief Executive, said: “Whilst we have gone about our daily business, I’m sure every one of us has felt the heavy weight of disbelief, shock, anger and overwhelming sadness at the conflict in Ukraine.

“Thank you to the DRWF team who worked quickly to gather useful items so that we could contribute to the amazing effort being co-ordinated by healthcare professionals and others across our local region. This is clearly a small show of support in the grand scheme of things, and we are looking to do more. However, there are significant logistical issues with ensuring that donated goods get to where they are most needed, as quickly as possible. One thing we can all right now, is collectively show our support of organisations that specialise in delivering emergency relief.”

A graphic of several types of medication.

At present, the International Diabetes Federation is working with Direct Relief to mobilise emergency aid and health supplies to Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. A statement from the International Diabetes Federation said: “The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is deeply concerned by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and is closely monitoring the situation to ensure that emergency relief is provided to people living with diabetes in the country and others that have been forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries.

“According to the latest IDF estimates, over 2.3 million adults are living with diabetes in Ukraine and 15,000 children and adolescents are affected by type 1 diabetes.

“Since the start of the crisis, IDF Transnational Member Direct Relief has mobilised its resources to support medical needs in the country as they become known. Direct Relief has shipped $26 million in medical aid to Ukraine over the past six months, with the most recent support arriving last week containing $5.4 million in medical aid for a Ukrainian NGO that serves hospitals, ambulance stations and medical centres. A large shipment of diabetes supplies has also arrived as insulin and other cold chain medications are expected to be in short supply.

“IDF will continue to monitor the crisis and collaborate with Direct Relief to fulfil medical needs as it unfolds.”

To support the efforts of Direct Relief, donations can be made here. Click on “Direct my donation to” and select “Ukraine crisis”.

The IDF statement added: “The IDF Europe Region is calling on all its members to join the Connect Solidarity network to support Ukrainian refugees living with diabetes across Europe. In its first phase, the initiative aims to support IDF Europe Members that wish to help associations in countries neighbouring Ukraine with support, medicines, supplies, etc.”

For more information about Support for people living with diabetes affected by the situation in Ukraine visit here.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

Find out more about DRWF diabetes awareness resources for people living with diabetes here.

NOTE: DRWF will from time-to-time advise readers of activities in diabetes and related health research and, in this case, responses. It should not necessarily be considered that the charity is in any way connected to the organisations signposted in this article. If we are involved in any way, we will make this known.  

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