Published on 30 November 2023

We talk with Dr Graham Bowen at United Through Diabetes about diabetes and feet.

DRWF’s 25th anniversary educational event for people living with diabetes invited healthcare experts to share presentations on various topics of diabetes management.

Among the guest speakers was Dr Graham Bowen, Principal Podiatrist at Solent NHS Trust.

DRWF spoke to Dr Bowen at the event about his presentation on diabetes and foot complications.

Dr Bowen said: “I am very honoured to be invited to attend today and very excited about the day. I have got two sessions running today, one for type 1 and one for type 2 patients with diabetes. I am going to run through what happens with patients with diabetes, what the risk factors are. Go through some top tips, what to expect from their annual review and to look at some key advice to help hopefully prevent people running into problems with their feet.

“Having diabetes increases the risk of developing foot complications and most of the complications I see in my practice are preventable. From good surveillance and good awareness, you can prevent a lot of foot problems.”

He added: “I enjoy  events like United Through Diabetes because you have got time to spend with patients with diabetes to get those little key messages across, and to answer questions. It is lovely to be outside of the workplace to do that. It is a very relaxed environment and the DRWF team have always made me feel extremely welcome.”

In the coming weeks, we will be excited to announce the location, venue and date for United Through Diabetes 2024 and hope that you will join us again. Look out for more information and updates on the DRWF events page.

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