Published on 16 November 2023

Information and educational resources from recent United Through Diabetes event available online to coincide with World Diabetes Day.

To celebrate World Diabetes Day (14th November), DRWF are excited to make available our United Through Diabetes digital hub.  

Launched to mark DRWF’s 25th anniversary year, United Through Diabetes was created as a unique event that showcases the amazing work of researchers, healthcare professionals and diabetes technology companies, all under one roof for our attendees to enjoy.

The online resource features all the educational information and content from our 25th anniversary event earlier this year.

Visit the United Through Diabetes digital hub

We hope you enjoy re-visiting the day and find the content helpful and informative. If you were not able to attend the event in-person, you can now access some of our expert speaker's presentations.

The digital hub also features interviews with guest speakers, sponsors and exhibitors and other contributors who took part in the event, with more content available via our YouTube page.

You can also visit the virtual exhibition area where you can find links to all the featured sponsors and exhibitors that spent the day with us, including links to their websites, services and products and further information.

The digital hub features additional content including a specially produced DRWF Research film.

In the coming weeks, we will be excited to announce the location, venue and date for United Through Diabetes 2024 and hope that you will join us again. Look out for more information and updates on the DRWF events page.

Visit the United Through Diabetes digital hub
Read our report from United Through Diabetes

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