Published on 28 October 2021

Puzzle Digest donate £250 to DRWF after successful reader nomination.

Puzzle Digest recently selected DRWF as the winner of their charity award.

The charity won thanks to a successful nomination by reader Ms Sandra Rhule – and Puzzle Digest made a £250 donation.

In every issue of Puzzle Digest readers get the opportunity to win a £250 cash donation for their favourite charity.

A statement from Puzzle Digest said: “A whopping 3.8 million people live with diabetes in the UK. The charity’s aim is to bring people together through the sharing of knowledge and experience, as well as providing important health advice.

The charity set up a support network called the ‘Wellness Network’ which offers access to specially commissioned articles on all aspects of life with diabetes; news on recent advances in research; and treatment and care.

“We hope our donation helps such an important service and cause.”

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