Published on 14 April 2023

DRWF podcast interview with Dr Stephanie Hanna, from Cardiff University, who was awarded the DRWF Professor David Matthews Non-Clinical Fellowship in 2021.

Dr Stephanie Hanna is a research associate at the School of Medicine at Cardiff University, who was awarded a Fellowship to support her work looking into the treatment of severe insulin resistance for people living with type 1 diabetes. The award was for £194,933 over a three-year period.

In an interview for the DRWF podcast series, Dr Hanna shared more information about her recent DRWF-funded research.

The title of Dr Hanna’s research is ‘Identifying islet antigen specific lymphocytes by recruitment to intradermally injected autoantigens, using single cell RNA sequencing: a route to novel cell-based therapies and immune monitoring’.

Dr Stephanie Hanna said: “The title of my research is essentially identifying the white blood cells that damage the pancreas and monitoring them using new single cell RNA sequencing techniques as a way to develop new treatments for type 1 diabetes.”

DRWF Podcast Severe Insulin Resistance Interview DRWF Research Non Clinical Fellowship 2020 Stephanie Hanna 2

Dr Hanna added: “Funding from charities such as DRWF is important because DRWF really understands what matters to people living with diabetes. It enables our research to really focus on those key issues.

“With this fellowship, what DRWF is doing is giving the ability for me, as an upcoming researcher, to develop the new ideas and bring in new ways of thinking.

“I would like to thank DRWF for this funding because it has been an amazing opportunity for me. I would also like to thank all the participants who have taken part in our research.”

Listen to the DRWF podcast interview with Dr Stephanie Hanna here
This feature was originally published in the Spring 2023 edition of Diabetes Wellness News. To subscribe visit here
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Read more about Dr Stephanie Hanna’s DRWF-funded research here  

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