Published on 21 February 2024

Latest guide to DRWF funding projects and applications available now.

The DRWF Research Strategy sets out the types of funding we offer, who is eligible to apply and the processes we have in place to monitor results is published now.

This strategy helps us to build on our mission and describes how we will use funding to meet our overarching aims over a defined period of time.

A clear strategy is important as it helps applicants assess whether their research falls within the remit of our funding availability. It provides the charity’s Research Advisory Board and staff with a clear set of objectives to evaluate applications for funding and research impact. It also demonstrates, via lay involvement, our intention to fund research which best meets our beneficiary needs.

A statement from Mike Gretschel, Co-Founder and Chairman of DRWF and Sarah Tutton, Chief Executive at DRWF, said: “As DRWF enters its 26th year, we reflect on the diabetes landscape and the charity’s impact over that time.

“Since our inception in 1998, we have seen the number of people diagnosed with diabetes more than double. Whilst there have been some incredible advances in treatment and technology which improve quality of life and reduce the risk of complications, the number of people living with diabetes continues to rise at an alarming rate. With more than 5 million people now living with diabetes in the UK, our work is more important than ever.

“In the last 25 years we have provided award-winning Diabetes Wellness support programmes, and funded the research that has made inroads into our understanding of cause, treatment, management and cure.

“As we focus on the future we pause to reflect, rethink and redouble our efforts to ensure that people with diabetes are ‘staying well until a cure is found…’

“We are a small organisation that exists on voluntary donations and fundraised income. Our supporters are the backbone of the charity, with their generosity and commitment enabling us to provide beneficiary services that make a difference.”

DRWF researcher Dr Shivani Misra with Sarah Tutton (Chief Executive of DRWF)

The research world is constantly evolving, as are the needs of people living with all forms of diabetes, therefore our published research strategy is a guideline which enables us to be both proactive and responsive. It is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.

It also enables us to assess opportunities for collaboration and helps us to provide important feedback to the people we support and those who invest in our charitable activities.

Read the DRWF Research Strategy

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