Published on 24 October 2022

A new range of vial protectors is available offering an option for people living with diabetes to safely and securely carry their insulin vials.

The self-styled “world’s strongest vial protector” is available now that features shock absorption capabilities to withstand compressive forces of up to 700kg.

This is the equivalent of falling from a multi-story building or being run over by a lorry.

The near-invincible solution was developed and manufactured by Type One Style includes three layers of protective air chambers and is available in a wide range of colours.

Within the range, there is a protective option for the larger 10ml insulin vials for the 3ml pen vials, and all major insulin brands are supported through this one-size-fits-all solution.

The price of insulin is skyrocketing. Although many types of fast-acting and long-acting insulin are free with the NHS, global costs of insulin vials can set users back anywhere between $5 to $200 (£4.50 to £180). Accidentally dropping a fragile vial can be bank-busting, and if there is not spare insulin on hand it can be a medical emergency.

Insulin Pen and Needle

Charlie Cawsey, Company Director at Type One Style, said: “For people with diabetes, breaking a vial can be incredibly frustrating. Not only does it really get in the way of daily plans, but it can be genuinely life-threatening if they can't access a pharmacy quickly to stock up on the missed doses".

“In other countries – like the USA, for example, where each vial can cost hundreds of dollars – breaking or damaging one can be catastrophic. That is why it is crucial to keep vials secured and protected in and out of the home because you never know when an accident might happen. If this vial case saves just one vial, it’s paid for itself almost 10 times over.”

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