Published on 13 June 2024

DRWF staff pay tribute to TV presenter Dr Michael Mosley.


Dr Michael Mosley was known for inspiring many people to improve their health by making positive lifestyle changes that could help reduce their risk of developing health conditions, including type 2 diabetes.

Among his popular tips to improve health and wellbeing included intermittent fasting and taking short bursts of exercise.


Dr Mosley died last week after going missing while on holiday in Greece.


DRWF featured an extract from Dr Mosley’s book The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet in the July 2016 edition of Diabetes Wellness News.

Michael Mosley Remembered DWN Jul 2016 Extract Crop

The book encouraged people who could be putting their health at risk due to high blood sugar levels to take up a healthier diet and offered a way for those who have struggled with their weight to regain control of their health.

In the book Dr Mosley introduced a diet he believed could help people with type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetes, prevent the condition from progressing.

In the foreword to Dr Mosley's book Professor Roy Taylor of the University of Newcastle explained the importance of a carefully balanced healthy diet: “I am delighted that Dr Michael Mosley is highlighting the importance of using weight loss to control blood sugar levels. His great skill is in communicating medical science and relating this to everyday life.

“In this book about the biggest health problem of our time he pulls together hard scientific information from reliable sources and weaves a tapestry which conveys great depth of understanding illustrated by many individual stories.”

DRWF staff members, Jenny Diment and Karen Scott, went to listen to Dr Mosley speaking in Portsmouth in 2019. They both admired his inspirational work, especially helping people living with diabetes and were fortunate enough to have a short conversation with him after the event where they found him to be relatable and easy to speak to.

Jenny and Karen said: “Dr Mosley was a very ordinary man who was able to communicate at any level, which made understanding his health messages so easy.”

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