Published on 7 February 2020

London-based hospital first to offer treatment to people with type 2 diabetes.

A new therapeutic procedure for type 2 diabetes that improves blood sugar control has been launched that can help the body use insulin better.

The one-hour, same-day treatment targets the duodenal lining (in the upper intestine) - triggering the body’s cell regeneration process

By improving insulin sensitivity, and enabling better use of the body’s own natural insulin,

Revita improves insulin sensitivity and researchers said it could prevent the need for insulin injections in people with type 2 diabetes taking oral medication.

The breakthrough treatment for type 2 diabetes, is currently only available to private healthcare patients at The Princess Grace Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK. 

In tests the non-surgical alternative treatment has been shown to enhance insulin sensitivity, lower HbA1c and create long lasting improvements in blood sugar control to help reduce the need for further medication to be prescribed.

Researchers said that taken in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise, a single Revita treatment could last up to 24 months or more.

The commercial availability of the treatment follows a series of global clinical trials on the procedure, involving around 300 patients, and including the involvement of four NHS hospitals.

A tailored pre and aftercare programme helps patients adjust to a healthier lifestyle following the procedure, with specialist appointments for diabetes and dietary advice, available as required.

Dr David Hopkins, Consultant Physician and Diabetologist at King’s College Hospital and lead investigator of the trials said: “Revita is a pioneering treatment which could radically change the course of type 2 diabetes, for patients individually and at a population level. While there are increasing pharmacological type 2 diabetes treatments, these have not translated into meaningful improvements in patient outcomes. By targeting insulin resistance in the duodenum - the root cause of metabolic disease - the Revita procedure has considerable benefits and may help the person to avoid escalating drug treatment.”

Metabolic benefits of the procedure included improved overall insulin sensitivity, lowered HbA1c (by nearly 1%), weight loss, improved liver health (more than 35% reduction in liver fat, a key factor in the development of liver disease) and increased ‘good’ (high density lipoprotein, or HDL) cholesterol – which could also reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Dr Bu Hayee, Consultant Gastroenterologist at The Princess Grace Hospital said: “We believe that the new Revita procedure will be a game changer for many patients who struggle to control their blood sugar levels despite dietary and lifestyle changes and will offer a great alternative to conventional drug therapies. We know that type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition, which can cause complications such as heart disease, stroke, liver and kidney damage. The arrival of Revita will offer new hope to these patients that the symptoms of the condition can be reversed. Patients can go home the same day, following treatment, with minimal side effects - it really is a unique option.”

Russell Pearson, from Essex, who was one of the early clinical trial patients in the UK, having undergone the procedure in London three years ago, said: “Before my Revita procedure I was taking two diabetes tablets and my GP was concerned I might have to take insulin in the future. After Revita my blood sugar improved for the first time in years and I have also reduced my daily medication. My recent blood test shows my levels are now better than the pre-diabetes range.”

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