We would like to hear about the views and experiences of people living with diabetes or their care givers.

People with diabetes are being asked to share their views on their experiences of virtual consultations.

The call follows a survey recently circulated to readers of DRWF’s Diabetes Wellness News.

DRWF is supporting Dr Charles Fox and Dr Anne Kilvert, both diabetes consultants from Northampton, to establish the proportion of people with diabetes who are having virtual consultations, what format they take i.e. telephone or video, and how they have worked for you.

Dr Charles Fox and Dr Anne Kilvert said: “We are two diabetes consultants from Northampton who are very interested to know how people with diabetes are responding to the move to virtual consultations, whether by phone or video. We would like to hear about the views and experiences (whether good or not so good) of people living with diabetes or their care givers. 

“If you would be prepared to be contacted by us to tell us what you think please email us at virtualdiabetes9@gmail.com.

Sarah Tutton, Chief Executive at DRWF, said: “There is nothing that can take the place of being able to meet up in person with people, but technology has played a huge part in enabling us to stay connected. It has also ensured that healthcare professionals have been able to carry out routine appointments and consultations by phone or online. Remote consultations in some healthcare settings have been happening for some time but have increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Thank you for supporting us with this activity. Please do let us know if there is anything that we can help you with. Don’t forget to visit our website regularly www.drwf.org.uk for the latest diabetes and related health news.”

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