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Living With Diabetes Podcast 24 UTD Special

This special edition reports from our United Through Diabetes 2023 event - our biggest ever Wellness Day, celebrating 25 years of DRWF. Hear from our speakers, experts, researchers, attending UTD.
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Living With Diabetes Podcast 23

Claire Levy talks with Dr Shivani Misra who’s been working with DRWF for over ten years, and has now joined the board of trustees. Her research has been investigating various aspects of genetic forms of diabetes in minority ethnic groups, and subsequently the identification of MODY - maturity onset diabetes of the young - in multi-ethnic populations.
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Living With Diabetes Podcast 21

Today we’re looking at the use of continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGMs) for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Claire Levy talks with Jake Leach, the chief operating officer of CGM developer and manufacturer Dexcom, from their US headquarters in San Diego, California.