Our United Through Diabetes Programme

To help you around the day, we've created a handy event programme to keep you up to date with what's happening throughout the day. 

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Diabetes Technology Stream

One of the hottest topics in the diabetes world right now is technology. Whether it's Flash Glucose Sensors, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Insulin pumps or closed loops, there are a lot of questions. 

Join Dr Iain Cranston and Professor Partha Kar, two of the most prominent experts in technology access and diabetes care in the UK, who will be discussing diabetes and technology. 

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Type 1 Diabetes Stream

Leading experts on type 1 diabetes will be joining us at United Through Diabetes to discuss all the latest developments and tips for managing type 1 diabetes. 

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Type 1 Family Stream

For families living with type 1 Diabetes, we are so pleased to welcome a fantastic group of speakers who will be meeting mums, dads and our youngest delegates with type 1 diabetes.

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Type 2 Diabetes Stream

Featuring our popular Diabetes Question Time, our type 2 programme stream will provide you with all you need to know about managing type 2 diabetes 

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Diverse Communities Stream

Our Diverse Communities stream has talks on Diabetes Diagnosis and Ethnicity, Menu Choices for the South Asian Community, Managing Diabetes During Cultural Holidays such as Eid, Ramadan and Diwali, and a discussion about the DESMOND Programme for Diverse Communities.

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Diabetes Technology Programme

UTD Technology Stream

Type 1 Diabetes Programme

UTD Type 1 Stream (1)

Type 1 Family Programme

UTD Type 1 Family Stream

Type 2 Diabetes Programme

UTD Type 2 Stream

Diverse Communities Programme

UTD Diverse Stream