Our annual funding round is designed to support bright young researchers, as well as established institutions, as they strive to make the kind of life-changing breakthrough our diabetes community is hoping for. 

Our first research award was made in 1999 for a small equipment grant and since that time, we have committed more than £12 million to diabetes research in the UK and as part of the International Diabetes Wellness Network, around the world.

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The Professor David Matthews Non-Clinical Fellowship Icon Image
The Professor David Matthews Non-Clinical Fellowship

Identification of Caveolar Proteins Regulating Insulin-Stimulated Glut4 Translocation in Adipocytes

Recipient: Dr Luke Chamberlain / Dr Declan James
Institution: University of Glasgow
City: Glasgow
Amount: £106,456

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Work by Dr Luke Chamberlain (University of Glasgow) has implicated ‘lipid rafts’, specialised domains present within the cell membrane, as important regulators of insulin-stimulated glucose uptake by fat cells. This exciting research suggests the possibility that changes in the composition of the cell membrane of fat cells may have marked effects on insulin action.

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